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NYC in HDR Photo Series

Here is my small collection of Tone Mapped - High Dynamic Range Images of New York City and some information about the technique and locations.

Most of these images were shot with three to six separate exposures to create each image. I always shoot my HDR photos with my camera on a tripod to help ensure that the images will align correctly during the creation of the high dynamic image. After the HDR image is converted to a tone mapped file, I will use an image editor to make contrast and saturation adjustments to help give the photos the look I am going for. If you are looking at an image (such as a JPG or PNG file) on the web somewhere it is not actually an HDR image but most likely a tone mapped LDR (low dynamic range) image from an HDR source file.

You can purchase prints of some of the photographs at my Threadless Shop.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding usage of any of the photographs. I hope you enjoy the photos and please do not use them without permission.

Jeffry Gugick, Pixel and Poly

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